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"Sakari,  alot of [ forum ] folks seem to complain about the high price of your lessons. 

To me, they've been an absolute bargain.  I could easily spend $500 (probably did spend)
in lessons with a teacher and not get any where near the level of instruction.  Your responses
to questions and my video's have been both encouraging and instructive. 

In retrospect, perhaps too much so - as in approaching more individualized mentorship."

G. M.
Santa Rosa, Ca


Sakari's Critique Comments to one student's YouTube Videos


     "G., Place a slight accent on the first of the triplet pattern.
                          This reinforces the skill that each finger rotation should have the same
strength.  The accent is critical to that development.

                The only movement you should see is the tendons on top of the
                            hand moving and no hand movement.  Think of each left hand finger as
                 an independent piston in an engine.  Only the piston and linkage
        moves.  This skill will allow for a more effortless ability to
     shift the entire hand up and down the entire fretboard. 
 I can't emphasize this non movement enough.  Keep
                    each right hand finger within the space between the played string
        and the next string back.  It's easy to let the finger go into
                     the area of two strings back which only takes additional time for it
                                to return back to playing position which stops the ability to play rapidly."


The left hand finger tapping exercise is designed
  to train fluid hand shifting along with finger timing

In this video, you shift, pause and tap.   Tap at
the very same moment as the hand shift, always.

As it turns out,  when playing music,  the thumb
can remain, pivot or shift. It is entirely dependent
on  where  the hand  and fingers  are going next.
Remaining in open position or going up to higher
 positions. Also, complex fingering in any position
 for any  legnth of  time will  require  the thumb to
 to shift, pivot and slide to the ideal fingering spot.

~ Sakari